A Big Shout Out to the Eco Consicious FLORUM FASHION.com.

So thrilled to have my cuff featured in their fashion editorial "Cabin Fever," (above)
AND in their Eco Travel article on the Heywood Hotel, Austin, TX., modeled by the beautiful Noelle Lynne, Founder & Editor of Florum Fashion Magazine! (below).
What a lucky cuff!
Visit their site to enjoy all the beautiful fashions,
photos & ways to GREEN your beautiful life!

Posey Tibbon's GreenStyled designs
were featured in
"Ecocolo Magazine"
in Japan

We loved this quote from the Graves Country Gallery newsletter and thank them for the link:
"Now tell me! Across America, can you believe there is a beautiful young woman who has lived her entire life in San Francisco and has never driven a car! Now that is exciting. She is even an artist and a business entrepreneur. And her name is Posey Tibbon- She is such fun to talk with. I added her as a link to my website!" -- www.gravescountry.com

Had you heard the word at the
Green is Sexy blog?
They "hearted" us! for our Greenstyled reusable totes.

If you are interested in booking an interview, photo/modeling opportunities,
or editorial use of any of my pieces, please email me