A GreenStyled Story

I come from a family of artists and design has always been a part of my every day life. At an early age, my mother imbued me with a love of style. My sister is a painter, as is our father. A few years ago, my sister and I decided to bring our love of art, design and fashion together and started "Atelier Posey and Susan" in San Francisco’s Mission District. A precursor to GreenStyled, each piece in our Atelier was hand-made and many pieces were fabricated from upcycled materials. Creating a stunning new skirt or piece of jewelry from an object that started it’s life in a different incarnation ... was a passion!

One of our most beloved original designs was the GreenStyled Carryall bag. Each was constructed from reclaimed produce bags and lined in lovely remnants materials. It was from this creative endeavor that the complete GreenStyled line sprang forth.

All the GreenStyled pieces are designed with, and inspired by, reclaimed materials.

Seeing the beauty and potential in random elements, and remaking them into art is what motivates me.




Each of my lines are produced entirely in San Francisco, where I'm invigorated by being part of a vibrant community of designers and artists. As a life long San Franciscan, working with and supporting our local artisans is an essential element of the GreenStyled concept.

The metal and glass of my urban landscape is closely juxtaposed by the rolling hills and rocky California coastline. These contrasts stir my imagination.

A rediscovered piece of metal is formed into a sheer cuff and brought alive by the brilliance of reclaimed glass; re-calling a web, shimmering in the first light of a city morning.
An elegant old table leg is re-imagined into an oversized and delightful button!

As I encounter these influences, I take joy in bringing them to you in the form of newly green and wearable art pieces and accessories.

Artist/Designer Posey Tibbon wearing a
metal screening concept dress of her design